Imgur Adds Country-Specific Sponsored Images

If you know anything about me, you know I am a HUGE imgur fan. It’s my go-to website at the end of a long day; I also find that as a Digital Strategist, it helps keep me on the pulse of upcoming trends happening on the internet.

In 2012, imgur added Sponsored Images to their gallery pages. They committed to adding only one image per gallery page and in the 2 years since adding Sponsored Images, they’ve remained true to that promise.

As a user, I never really minded the small but usually funny native advertising. imgur clearly works closely with those who decide to purchase Sponsored images to ensure the placement is as relevant and authentic to the site as possible. However, I had noticed how US-centric all native advertisements are and wondered if that would ever change. Surely, a site with over 5 billion monthly pageviews as of May 2014 (actually) should be providing targeted advertising, no?

Until recently. Just last week, I saw what appeared to be my very first targeted advertisement with Neutrogena’s new marketing campaign, “Stop Junkface.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.46.11 PM

Launched in late June by DDB Canada, Stop Junkface was a warning to Millennial men that washing their private bits with the same soap they use on their face means they may have ‘junkface.’

A quick tweet to someone at DDB Canada confirmed that this was indeed a Canadian-specific ad buy, the first of its kind. It’s a smart buy: If you’re going to target Millennial males, where else would you go but to Reddit or Imgur?

As a Digital Strategist, I’m so happy to hear that targeted Sponsored Images are now available! And as a consumer, I’m excited to see more targeted and relevant advertising on the site.