Zulu Alpha Kilo Launches Kringl – The Proof of Santa Video App

Something we’ve been busy working on for the past several weeks here at Zulu Alpha Kilo is our holiday card. But this year, it’s not a card but an app! Say what? You may ask. Well, let me elaborate…

Kringl is an iOS and Android video application that helps you prove to your kids that Santa Claus is real. 


I am so honoured to have been a part of the making of Kringl with the amazingly hard working team here at Zulu and with our partners at Thinking Box.

How it works is that you can film a location in your home, choose from several of our Santa scenes, and in seconds you’ll have footage of Kris Kringle eating cookies by your Christmas tree (or doing something else!). So simply put: You can recreate the magical story of Santa for your kids.  

Along with creating this app, Zulu has partnered with Make-A-Wish Canada and all proceeds raised will benefit Make-A-Wish. If you wish to do so, there is a button in the app that will bring you to a donation page where you can help keep the magic alive for other deserving children.

It’s a great little app and I’m proud to have had a small part in helping to bring some Holiday cheer to the world.  We’ve also created this adorable little video that showcases Kringl:

To find the download links or get more information, you can go to KringlApp.com.

Thanks to the whole Zulu Alpha Kilo and Thinking Box team for pulling this together in what felt like overnight! And to Zak specifically for believing in this vision.