The Very First Community Management Conference: CM1

Community Management is a fairly new title in digital advertising and marketing; really, it has only come into existence in the past few years.

I still remember working at Publicis in 2009 on Rogers. Together, we were creating great Facebook contest apps for our Facebook Page, but quickly realized there were – gasp! – questions on the wall from customers. Within weeks, I became the person responsible for responding to those questions and comments. As Rogers’ Facebook community grew, so did the questions. Suddenly, social media felt very real and we all knew we needed to build processes and guidelines. Now, a governance model or a response guideline document seems like an obvious first step… but back then – only four years ago! – this was new territory for us all.

Stories like the above are not unusual – and it’s become clear that Community Management is now a key role for many clients and agencies who are entrenched in social media. Yet, because so many people still see Community Manager as a low-level role (see Marketing Mag’s recent series on Community Management) it was no surprise that there hasn’t been a conference that focuses exclusively on Community Management… until now.

The good people at the FITCDx3, and The Tite Group have realized that there is a huge opportunity here and have launched the very first Community Management conference, called CM1.



CM1 will be a one-day conference for Community Managers and it’s happening right here in Toronto on November 14th, 2013. You can expect to learn and discover new ways of inspiring, engaging and measuring communities.

I won’t be attending, but my agency Zulu Alpha Kilo will be sending our lovely Community Manager, Miranda, there to get the goods on this evolving and growing role. I’m excited to hear all about the learnings and trends Miranda will surely bring back to us from the conference.

Other notable speakers (and some of my favourite peers!) include:


If you’re a Community Manager, or interested in learning more about Community Management, I highly suggest you attend. You can buy tickets here.

If you attend, I’d love to know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter.