The Fascination with Vine

By far the most addictive Vine of all time. This song has been stuck in my head for 6+ weeks.

I’ve become increasingly fascinated with Vine. This has actually taken me by surprised, to be honest. I say this because when Instagram launched their video feature, everyone claimed that it had killed Vine. Even me:

But recently, I’ve been finding myself sitting in bed, at the end of a long day looking for something to help me relax. I used to turn to my first love of the internet: my daily dose of Imgur. Now, more often than not, I find myself suddenly losing 30 – 45 minutes on Vine.

And what I’m seeing is that there is something growing on Vine: A community. It reminds me of early Tumblr days.

You start to see every day strangers suddenly amass 20,000 or 1 million followers. You see Vine meet ups with hundred of people – and these people are fans. There’s “guest appearances” in newly-famous Viners on other Viners’ Vines. Getting your Vine re-Vined by a “BNV” (Big Name Viner – coining this here and now!) is now a huge deal.

Slowly but surely my Vine feed is moving away from people I actually know and towards becoming a pure feed of hilarious Viners. Sorry friends, but none of us know how to make a good Vine. It’s absolutely an art. A very frustrating art.

This recent blog post over at Made By Many called “Vine Fame” sums up a lot of what I love and have been feeling about Vine lately. Some choice quotes:

The Explore screen, which lists ‘Comedy’, ‘Art & Experimental’, ‘Cats’, ‘Dogs’ etc seems somewhat at odds with the real popular content. Like it’s the kind of content the Vine staff want to be there but really it’s all just comedy. If they were to be really honest about it they would name them ‘Self-referencial racial stereotyping’ or ‘Awkward jams’.

If you could sum up the use case as a statement it would be “Make me laugh” not “Tell me what my friends are up to”.

It’s like a visual haiku and anyone that wants to create good vines really must suffer for their art.

Highly recommend that if you’re interested in reading more about Vine, you head over there and read the full blog post.

(PS: This interview with Nicholas Megalis and his recent popularity is interesting, though reads a little bit like an interview with any early adopter and their early fame on any platform.)

  • Kevin Richard

    See for me Vine is a bit of a ghost town and I went from disliking Instagram to becoming an avid user. I’ll give Vine till the end of the summer to determine if they have the staying power or not.

  • Kevin

    What about Keek?