PBS Criticizes Reality TV, Urges TV Viewers to Support Quality TV



PBS has launched a new, hilarious campaign criticizing reality TV and urging viewers to support quality TV by donating to quality programming (AKA PBS). They’ve launched a number of ‘fake’ reality TV shows trailers that, truthfully, look real. They’ve definitely taken a ton of inspiration from Slice, TLC and similar channels. Enough that one might actually think these are real based on the various reality TV show conventions used. Here are some of my favourite:

Meet the Tanners

Long Island Landscapers

Clam Kings

They’ve also added a social component to this with the hashtag #TVGoneWrong and are encouraging people to share the videos. Love these! Great content, with social at the core (using YouTube, linked annotations, and hashtags), will really help this campaign spread.

If interested in supporting PBS, you can donate here.