The Best Article of December: Twitter Will Win the Social Brand Advertising War

I’ve been on Facebook since 2005. I’ve been using Twitter since 2009. And though my interest in Facebook wanes from time to time, I’ve yet to really lose my love or fascination with Twitter.

It’s not because Facebook is “4 years older” to me and therefore less shiny. It’s because Twitter lets me easily connect with people I’ve never met, may never meet, or have met and love. It lets me tap into a topic, an event, a TV show and see what other people are saying with a quick search. It lets me have fun. It lets me connect to a whole world of links. It opens me up to new thoughts, new ideas, from people smarter and funnier than me. It lets me meme my life (I am the original owner of #CrazyCatLady, I swear to you).

It’s something that I think holds so much potential.

Today, I came across this article, “Twitter Will Win the Social Brand Advertising War” and I just love it. I’ve tweeted it (twice!), posted it on Facebook, emailed it to bossman. It says so much of what I’ve been thinking in my head but hadn’t formulated into real thoughts yet. From a brand perspective, it completely sums up why I’ve been pushing clients towards more Twitter campaigns and integration lately. This is what Twitter was built for.

This is my favourite article of December. I’m calling it right now. So, please, read. And share and share and comment and share.